[OpenSIPS-Users] CGRateS redundancy

Jens Erik Rive jens.erik.rive at ipco.no
Wed Jan 9 09:27:18 EST 2019

Hi, I am running Opensips v.2.4.3 and two instances of cgrates bulidt 10. December 2018.
I am trying to implement redundancy by defining the 2 CGRates servers as:
modparam("cgrates", "cgrates_engine", "") # CGRateS01
modparam("cgrates", "cgrates_engine", "") # CGRateS02

When I kill (poweroff) the instance and try to call cgrates  with: 
cgrates_auth("$cgr(Account)", "$acc_extra(callee_id)")
I receive -3 (No suitable CGRateS server found) in the response.

I have tested that I can call if modparam("cgrates", "cgrates_engine", "") # CGRateS01 is omitted from the opensips.cfg script.

Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Jens Erik

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