[OpenSIPS-Users] lb_list shows an incorrect load in load balancer

Rocio Walias rwalias at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 02:16:00 EST 2019


I need a little help regarding a load balancer issue.

I have two destinations (A.X.X.X and B.X.X.X) in the load balancer
group. A.X.X.X is working fine but  sometimes B.X.X.X is not
responding in time and a 408 response is received. In that case I am
doing a lb_next() and load balancer send it to A.X.X.X but in
“opensips fifo lb_list“ is showing that B.X.X.X load is 1 and I think
it must be 0 because in A.X.X.X load is 2 and there is only 2 dialogs.

Destination:: sip:33 at A.X.X.X:5080 id=96 group=1 enabled=yes auto-reenable=on


                Resource:: channel max=10 *load*=2

Destination:: sip:33 at B.X.X.X:5080 id=98 group=1 enabled=yes auto-reenable=on


                Resource:: channel max=10 *load=*1

I’m trying to remove that “load=1”  but if I use lb_count_call to undo :

if (lb_is_destination(“B.X.X.X", "5080", "1","1"))




This error happens:

Feb 21 13:05:18 [11033] ERROR:load_balancer:lb_route: sequential call of LB
- failed to remove from profile [lbXchannel]->[62]

Is there any way to decrease the load of B.X.X.X or how can it not be
considered in load count in a failure_route? I’m saving load data to
statistics purpose  and it  doesn’t match with the number of

I’m using Opensips 2.4.2

Thank you very much.
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