[OpenSIPS-Users] [Blog] Auto process scaling, a cure for load and resources concerns

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Mon Feb 25 07:26:03 EST 2019

During all the OpenSIPS trainings, one of the first questions that pops 
up when talking about configuring OpenSIPS is : “How do I know how many 
processes should I configure on my OpenSIPS?“.

And later, this question escalates into the one of the most troubling 
question for people operating OpenSIPS : “Does my OpenSIPS have enough 
processes to support my traffic?“.

The short answer is the new auto-scaling support in OpenSIPS 3.0 - a 
smart and easy to use feature that simply absolve you from any worries 
or concerns about proper scaling of your OpenSIPS – less worries, less 
work, more resource for you.


Enjoy it,

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
OpenSIPS Summit 2019

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