[OpenSIPS-Users] call_center module issues

Mikhail forfx at yandex.ru
Sat Apr 20 06:46:57 EDT 2019


I'm trying to setup call_center module for the first time and found the 
following problems:

#1. When a call is in the queue and waiting for the free agent, opensips 
makes a call to a media server and caller hear music - that's is ok,

but when a free agent found and opensips is calling to him, the call to 
mediaserver is ended and caller hear nothing.

If agent did not answer, opensips sets up a new call to mediaserver.

This is very strange behavior, because normally the caller, while he is 
in queue, should hear music without interruptĀ  until one of the agents 
answer the call. Exactly answer, but not ringing.

#2. After the agent answer the call it's not possible to put call on 
hold, both agent and caller can't do it. In sip dialog there is a "400 
Not Acceptable"

Of course it's possible that I made a wrong logic in opensips config, 
anyway Is this behavior was hardcoded in call_center module? How to fix it?

Mikhail Laba

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