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Slava Bendersky volga629 at networklab.ca
Mon Oct 8 22:42:40 EDT 2018

Hello Vlad, 
In version 

* works in database. 

I submitted pull request to provision tls_mgm from opensipsctl. That should make process easier. 
Thank you, 


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Are you running the latest revision of the devel branch? There was a fix about a month ago regarding this issue. 

Vlad Patrascu
OpenSIPS Developer [ http://www.opensips-solutions.com/ | http://www.opensips-solutions.com ] 
On 10/07/2018 08:10 AM, Slava Bendersky wrote: 

Hello Everyone, 
I am trying load certificate from database and set filter for ip and sip domain to *, but give me error 

Oct 7 01:06:05 canldev01-fedora27 /usr/sbin/opensips[17640]: ERROR:tls_mgm:parse_domain_address: TLS domain address has to be in [IP:port] format 
Oct 7 01:06:05 canldev01-fedora27 /usr/sbin/opensips[17640]: ERROR:tls_mgm:parse_domain_address: invalid TLS domain address [*] 
Oct 7 01:06:05 canldev01-fedora27 /usr/sbin/opensips[17640]: ERROR:tls_mgm:parse_match_addresses: Failed to parse address filter: * 
Oct 7 01:06:05 canldev01-fedora27 /usr/sbin/opensips[17640]: ERROR:tls_mgm:db_add_domain: Failed to parse address matching filters 
Oct 7 01:06:05 canldev01-fedora27 /usr/sbin/opensips[17640]: ERROR:tls_mgm:load_info: failed to add TLS domain 'default' id: 3, skipping... 

What is missing ? 

Thank you. 


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