[OpenSIPS-Users] asterisk integration with control panel

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Wed Nov 14 07:09:35 EST 2018

Hi John,

There is also a newer (but not newest) version of the tutorial:

As per the setup description (in the tutorial), Asterisk is driven via 
the OpenSIPS database, so you do not have to do any user provisioning in 
Asterisk, but only in OpenSIPS.


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On 11/13/2018 06:06 PM, John Tuxies wrote:
> Someone plese?
> Opensips 2.4.3 and control panel 8.2.4
> has been installed
> Cannot find how to integrate Asterisk
> On Friday, November 9, 2018, John Tuxies <atuxnull at gmail.com 
> <mailto:atuxnull at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi. i am new to the area of opensips and i would like some help. I
>     am doing my baby steps, but i have some experience with Asterisk.
>     In a Debian 9 64bit system i did install opensips as described in
>     here:
>     https://www.powerpbx.org/content/opensips-v24-debian-v8-mariadb-apache-v1
>     <https://www.powerpbx.org/content/opensips-v24-debian-v8-mariadb-apache-v1>
>     I would like to integrate Asterisk in the same box.
>     In the common sql of the users i will have users eg 4000-4099 and
>     then asterisk will have the inbound/outbound trunks, codecs,
>     conference, voicemail.. Opensips will manage traffic and security.
>     Up to now all i have is a system with Opensips and its panel. I do
>     not know how to integrate Asterisk in here. What changes to do in
>     the database. Is there a guide on how to integrate it? I have seen
>     the one in
>     https://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Tutorials-OpenSIPSAsteriskIntegration
>     <https://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Tutorials-OpenSIPSAsteriskIntegration>
>     but it is outdated and it broke my system when i followed it to
>     Asterisk 11 and newer versions.
>     Once having that setup running then i assume all users will be
>     created in opensips panel, or in Asterisk?
>     Sincerely yours,
>     John
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