[OpenSIPS-Users] check for NULL values

Robert Dyck rob.dyck at telus.net
Tue Nov 13 10:59:19 EST 2018

Just a guess. Try 

if $tu  {        remove("location","$tu");    }
Not tested. A nonzero value may evaluate as TRUE.

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018 12:56:42 AM PST Pasan Meemaduma via Users wrote:


Anyone have a suggestion for this?

On Thursday, 8 November 2018, 8:09:50 AM GMT+5:30, Pasan Meemaduma 
<pasandev at ymail.com> wrote: 

ERROR:core:comp_scriptvar: cannot get left var value

WARNING:core:do_action: error in expression at /etc/opensips/opensips.cfg:806

and line 806 contains following.

    if ( $tu != NULL ) {        remove("location","$tu");    }

any suggestion on how to test for NULL values without getting above error. I'm using opensips 

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