[OpenSIPS-Users] drouting rule_id is empty

Kirill Galinurov k.galinurov at gmail.com
Mon May 21 11:06:32 EDT 2018

Hi i use opensips  2.3 (OpenSIPS (2.3.3 (x86_64/linux)) drouting
And I need rule_id variable to store in CDR.
modparam("drouting", "use_partitions", 1)
modparam("drouting", "carrier_id_avp", '$avp(carrier_id)')
modparam("drouting", "partition_id_pvar", "$var(matched_partition)")
modparam("drouting", "rule_id_avp", '$avp(dr_rule_id)')

if(!do_routing("*:1","W",,,"$avp(gateway_attr)","$avp(dr_rule_from)")) {
          xlog("do_routing: No rules matching the URI/n");
          send_reply("503","No rules matching the URI");
       } else {
         xlog("do_routing: to operator $avp(carrier_id)/n");
        xlog("L_INFO", "get_route: rule_id  $avp(dr_rule_id)\n");
But in output
Opensips: May 21 18:06:18 [26575] get_route: rule_id   - <null>
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