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Ben Newlin Ben.Newlin at genesys.com
Tue May 15 11:12:55 EDT 2018


I was actually able to isolate this to the siptrace module and then I remembered this thread [1] from February. Was this issue ever resolved? It looks like it was reported in 2.3.2, but we are still seeing it in 2.3.3.

[1] - http://lists.opensips.org/pipermail/users/2018-February/038842.html

Ben Newlin

From: Ben Newlin <Ben.Newlin at genesys.com>
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 8:22 AM
To: OpenSIPS users mailling list <users at lists.opensips.org>
Subject: Memory Leak


We have recently upgraded to OpenSIPs 2.3.3 and after deploying to our production environment we have found a significant memory leak. The leak is being reported by OpenSIPS’ statistics only; the used memory of the machine itself is not increasing.

I believe I have been able to reproduce the leak with locally testing with a relatively small number of transactions. These stats are from opensipsctl get_statistics command for the shmem group. You can see the used memory is increasing linearly with every set of transactions:

Load                                      Total Size             Used Size             Real Used Size   Max Used Size   Free Size              Fragments
Cold                                       134217728           2692232                2738472                2738480                131479256           521
4K Transactions                 134217728           2849928                3334264                21373232             130883464           4529
8K Transactions                 134217728           3026600                3609144                21676512             130608584           8537
12K Transactions              134217728           3208504                3884720                21944384             130333008           12537
16K Transactions              134217728           3392480                4160832                22144904             130056896           16537

This is from our SBC/LB instance, which does not use dialogs or topology_hiding. It is only transactionally aware.

I need assistance to gather further information to help debug this issue. Can you please advise what would be required?

I have looked over the guide [1], but I cannot use the make menuconfig option to set compile flags. Our build system is completely automated and I cannot pause it to take manual action prior to compile. Will the process described on that page for OpenSIPS 1.7 still work in 2.3.3? Can I manually edit the Makefile.defs as described? Once I have this enabled, what logs do you need?

Is there anything else that is required? I’m continuing to run tests to see if I can isolate a specific module that is causing the leak.

[1] - http://www.opensips.org/Documentation/TroubleShooting-OutOfMem

Ben Newlin

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