[OpenSIPS-Users] MWI light on cisco phones

Brian Southworth brian.southworth at clocom.uk
Thu Mar 22 08:36:21 EDT 2018

Hi All,

I have been trying for a while now I have the mail box registered using active watchers table.

I have presence and presence_mwi modules installed.

I use sipsak to send a notify packet from the media server (voicemail server asterisk) over to the opensips proxy, I can see from sip traces and TCP dump that the notify packet reaches the phone and the 200 ok comes back but it doesn’t turn the MWI light on or off.

Any ideas where I might be going wrong ? I am also using the following in my sip file:

CSeq: 201 NOTIFY

Event: message-summary

Content-Type: application/simple-message-summary

Content-Length: 0

Messages-Waiting: no

Voicemail: 0/0


Brian Southworth

Communications Developer

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