[OpenSIPS-Users] DR Routing - DR_Rules not correct

Jonathan Mabrito mabritoj at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 15:11:08 EST 2018

Today I started noticing a discrepancy of entries between whats in our
MySQL database and whats loaded in the OpenSIPS memory for DR_Rules.

For instance, if I run "opensipsctl dr show" I see a rule with ID 402 and
405. If I look in the MySQL database and in the dr_rules table, I do not
see any rules with these ID's.

I am not sure what is causing this or really how this is happening. Trying
to comb thru the syslog output to see if anything stands out. I do see the
parse statements when its reading the DB and I can tell its not reading any
entries with ID's of 402 and 405.

I can upload any logs etc that might be helpful. Just let me know! Could
use some assistance on this as its causing some routing issues of certain
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