[OpenSIPS-Users] 2.4 and AnyCast Setup

Jonathan Mabrito mabritoj at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 15:36:06 EDT 2018

Hoping I can get some guidance/pointed in the right direction on this
subject. Looking at standing up a 2.4 AnyCast 2 node cluster and try out
the new 2.4 dialog cluster features (will be a upgrade/migration from 2.3).
Not entirely sure what is needed to make this work from the AnyCast

When setting up AnyCast, I know the network and routers need some config to
support AnyCast. I know this question falls more in the topics of
networking, but hoping I can get some guidance on what was done maybe on
the test servers when it was developed? Not looking for specific configs,
just xyz you should look at this or that type responses if possible.

Right now, I have the two nodes stood up, but the AnyCast IP I am trying to
bring online is not reachable yet. I know I need to do some network
statements, just trying to grasp what they are.

Any advice/help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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