[OpenSIPS-Users] Drop_req increasing

Rik Broers RBroers at motto.nl
Thu Jun 14 08:13:59 EDT 2018

Hi list!

I cannot find any reason why the Drop_requests statistic is increasing. There is nothing which correlates in the logs, and also nothing in my PCAP's. (Well obviously there is traffic in my pcap, just nothing out of the ordinary when the spikes occur.)
Also no other statistics are spiking, such as load,mem or amount of packets.
The description in the documentation makes me think it are packets which are entering the opensips processes, do not belong to any module (such as nat pings) and are not SIP. So what are they?

Returns the number of requests dropped even before entering the script routing logic.

Can I somehow make it that opensips logs these messages anyway? So I can find out who or what is causing it..
Below the statistics:
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D403E9.EF743260]

Kind Regards,
Met vriendelijke groet,
Rik Broers

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