[OpenSIPS-Users] event based routing module with clustering

Ryan Mitchell rjm at tcl.net
Tue Jun 12 17:36:22 EDT 2018


We're using event based routing module to do a push notification to a
client so it'll wake up a register (similar to documented "advanced sip
scenarios with ebr" example).

Is it possible to propagate events throughout a cluster (clusterer module)?

The SIP clients might register with any one of n nodes (by SRV query), and
so a transaction on a different node won't see the new contact event
(unless clusterer module works in the way I hope).

FYI we're using Redis for the registry db, so we could hack something using
Redis pub/sub functionality -- e.g. some dedicated python thread on node A
gets notified by Redis when a record is updated by node B.


thanks, Ryan

Ryan Mitchell <rjm at tcl.net>
Telecom Logic, LLC
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