[OpenSIPS-Users] Using LetsEncrypt certs with v2.4

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 11:09:54 EDT 2018

Does anyone have experience using LetsEncrypt certificates for tls or wss in
OpenSIPS v2.4.x over a long enough period of time for the certificate to be

Does the OpenSIPS service need to be restarted after each certbot renewal?
This happens about every 2 months.
I have configured opensips so the path in modparam("tls_mgm", "certificate"
is "/etc/letsencrypt/live/<domain-name>/cert.pem"
This is actually a sym-link to the actual cert. It seems to work okay, but
I'm wondering what will happen in two months' time when the cert is renewed.


John Quick
Smartvox Limited
Web: www.smartvox.co.uk

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