[OpenSIPS-Users] Media Issue once the UA - connected

Sanjeev Sharma sanjeevt510 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 22:51:40 EDT 2018

Hi ,
i am  new to opensips world and i installed the openSIPS version 2.2 , facing issue of media. Setup is my configuration is like 1) UAC request come through fortigate firewall on public address (1234 at  and then passed to my opensip machine (centos 7 , opensip version 2.2) having local address ( natted with public address) 2) registration of UAC is fine and if UAC are on same network lets say one client on my laptop and another on mobile device (both on same ISP WIFI) then voice is going through between the UAC but i switch the network of the mobile to telco service provider then their is no media pass on in between the UA or some time only one UA able to listen the other side.
i looked online and search lots of stuffs related to this and changed in configuration but unable to solve or find what and where i am getting. i tried TCP dump for both kinds of call i.e having voice or no voice but unable to identify the difference between calls having voice and no voice.
Since i am new to this setup and configuration , just stuck due to above problem .
Please suggest where to look and what could be the possible reason. Currently all traffic ( i.e all ports open) being allow from firewall to machine 


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