[OpenSIPS-Users] check_blacklist function Question

Abdul Basit basit.engg at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 21:12:02 EDT 2018

Hi Team,
I have a scenario where I have to block list certain numbers (premium ones).
I populated these numbers with in "globalblacklist" table. I followed

While part of destination number defined as prefix, like 1437, blacklisting
works and all the calls starting with destination number '1437' will block.
id     prefix  whitelist    description
1      1437     0            NULL

But for the required case, if I add full number in prefix column, like
14375436291, opensips will not block the call.
id     prefix                whitelist    description
1      14375436291     0            NULL

How can i block list of full numbers through opensips?


abdul basit
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