[OpenSIPS-Users] Proto WSS No Open TCP Connection after reinvite

Sebastian Sastre sastre.sebastian at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 14:19:15 EDT 2018

Hello, I’ve been experiencing a situation with Proto WSS. The scenario is
very simple. A call is established from an Asterisk Box to Opensips (UDP)
and finally a SipJs7.8 (WSS). Everything works great and we are able to
register using mid registrar and pass calls thru.

When an agent puts the call on hold a reinvite is correctly negotiated and
the call is placed on hold and viceversa.   However!, if the originating
caller disconnects the call while still on hold, Asterisk will correctly
terminate the dialog with a Bye but when OpenSIPs will complain about not
finding a suitable tcp connection and responds with a 477 even after
successfully matching and processing the dialog termination correctly.

opensipsctl fifo list_tcp_conns  shows the connection available.

The only way I found of fixing this problem is by adding fix_route_dialog()
on the sequential loose route.

if (loose_route()) {
if (is_method("BYE")) {
                        if (!validate_dialog()){

What do you guys think?
Am I messing up something in the script or is this the correct way to
address this problem?

The funny thing is that there is no difference notable between the bye
after hold and a regular bye without putting the call on hold.
Here is the opensips log with the error and the trace.


Thanks !
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