[OpenSIPS-Users] tcp_async timeouts confusion

Steve Brisson steve.brisson at librestream.com
Mon Jan 8 15:38:18 EST 2018


I've run into some issues related to tcp_async and tcp/tls timeouts since upgrading opensips from v1.8 to v2.3.

Based on my v1.8 config, I had the tcp_connect_timeout set to 3 secs but this gets ignored in v2.3 because tcp_async is enabled by default. As a result, calls made from a local opensips endpoint to a remote registered endpoint (through a cisco vcs) were failing. I then noticed that the tcp/tls timeouts were aggressively reduced from 10-30s to 100ms by default with the tcp_async feature.

My main questions are:
- How is the tcp_async feature supposed to function if the tcp_async_local_connect_timeout expires? The code seems to imply that the socket gets put onto a tcp main thread and handled.
- 100ms seems pretty short as a default for these timeouts, especially tls. Does a timeout result in the sip request getting cancelled or is there still some processing that can occur after because of handling on the tcp main thread.

In short, I'm a confused about what the tcp_async feature does and how the timeouts should be set. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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