[OpenSIPS-Users] dr_is_gw parameters wrong when not using partitions

Ben Newlin Ben.Newlin at genesys.com
Tue Feb 20 11:23:41 EST 2018

My apologies. I tried to verify the change history for that file since I am not on the newest version and I didn’t see any commits after the one I reported. I must have been looking at it wrong. Was that commit included in 2.3.3?

I am currently testing the migration with 2.3.2 due to an incompatibility between db_virtual and avpops in 2.3.3. I have reported to this list already last week. So unfortunately this makes me stuck as I cannot use the newer version with the fix for this issue as it will break my DB access.

Ben Newlin

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Hi Ben,

I hope you're running off the release packages, because this 2.3 issue has been reported & fixed here [1], a month ago. Otherwise, we'll have to do some more digging.

Best regards,

[1]: https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/commit/d448ab6e3599d<https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/commit/d448ab6e3599d>

Liviu Chircu

OpenSIPS Developer

On 20.02.2018 17:51, Ben Newlin wrote:

I am running into an issue migrating from 1.11 to 2.3. It appears the dr_is_gw function is broken in 2.3.x.

When not using partitions, the function parameters are not being translated properly before being passed to the internal function. With this command:

dr_is_gw("$avp(src_uri)", "2", "inc", "$avp(gw_attr)");

I get the following error:

CRITICAL:core:fixup_get_svalue: bogus type 4 in gparam
ERROR:drouting:_is_dr_gw_w_part: invalid flags parameter

I believe the problem was introduced with this commit in master, which was pulled back into 2.3:


This commit changed the parameters being passed through so that the names matched what is expected, but when the partition is not present all arguments must be shifted over by one. As far as I can tell the logic was already correct prior to that commit.

Ben Newlin


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