[OpenSIPS-Users] How to avoid/solve TCP blocked connection?

Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho pimenta at inatel.br
Tue Feb 20 10:07:35 EST 2018


My softphone is registered with the following AOR:


    AOR:: g1r2u3p4o5
        Contact:: sip:g1r2u3p4o5 at;transport=TLS;ob Q=
            Expires:: 10
            Callid:: 53e387dc-81fe-45f9-a6f1-8a5cf4248d62
            Cseq:: 37190
            User-agent:: n/a
            Received:: sip:;transport=TLS
            State:: CS_SYNC
            Flags:: 0
            Cflags:: NAT
            Socket:: tls:
            Methods:: 8063
            Attr:: in_same_network
            SIP_instance:: <urn:uuid:00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000f53ec9ed>

Sometimes, when it receives a call and answers, the Opensips show the following error:

[21532] INFO:core:probe_max_sock_buff: using snd buffer of 320 kb
[21532] INFO:core:init_sock_keepalive: TCP keepalive enabled on socket 22
[21532] ERROR:core:tcp_connect_blocking: poll error: flags 28 - 4 8 16 32
[21532] ERROR:core:tcp_connect_blocking: failed to retrieve SO_ERROR [server=] (111) Connection refused
[21532] ERROR:proto_tls:tls_sync_connect: tcp_blocking_connect failed
[21532] ERROR:proto_tls:proto_tls_send: connect failed
[21532] ERROR:core:msg_send: send() for proto 3 failed

Is there a way to avoid this kind of problem? That is, can I configure the OpenSIPS to renew some TCP connection?

Any hint will be very helpful!

Best regards.

Inatel Competence Center
Ph: +55 35 3471 9200 RAMAL 979
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