[OpenSIPS-Users] Problem with topology hiding when hairpinning a call

Andreas Sikkema h323 at ramdyne.nl
Mon Feb 5 13:14:52 EST 2018


I'm playing with the topology hiding module and I am running into a problem
when a call is sent from the inside of OpenSIPS to the outside, which is
then received back on the outside of OpenSIPS to sent to the inside of
OpenSIP. Calls being answered on the inside or outside work fine, it's just
with hairpinning I have this problem.

The call setup works fine, but as soon as the call is answered, I am seeing
a lot of lines like this:

Feb  5 18:52:38 [31118] WARNING:dialog:dlg_onroute: tight matching failed
for BYE with callid='ee75e7e72504b88f57959fe48d3faacc at 192.168.xxx.xxx'/46,
ftag='1640688292'/10, ttag='1456089971'/10 and direction=0
Feb  5 18:52:38 [31118] WARNING:dialog:dlg_onroute: dialog identification
elements are
caller tag='1640688292'/10, callee tag='1456089971'/10

Is there something obvious I am doing wrong? The config is basically the
generic topology hiding module example. I was hoping to not have a seperate
instance for both directions ;-)


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