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Aatif Shaikh aatif.shaikh at ecosmob.com
Thu Dec 13 07:03:34 EST 2018

Aatif Shaikh <aatif.shaikh at ecosmob.com>
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Dear Team,

we need to used Opensips as B2BUA. With the help of *registrant* we are
able to register with Gateway and now we want the below call scenario to
achieve with B2BUA.
1) Any user(Not register with Opensip) from another IPPBX (Asterisk) make a
call to Opensips.
2) We authenticate this user as per IPPBX IP address.
3) Then we make a call to Gateway from Opensips after modifying From User
$fU, which is already register with Gateway via registrant.
4) Gateway reply back 407.

We need to resolve this 407 with authentication but we don't have any more
details how to do it with Opensips.Please provide suggestions  for this.
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