[OpenSIPS-Users] Media Issue once the UA - connected

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Thu Aug 9 05:34:56 EDT 2018

Hi Sanjeev,

Well, things are getting a bit more complex here as you run OpenSIPS 
behind a NAT (in a private network) - this means that opensips will be 
'visible' with different IPs by the parties in the same private network 
and by the parties in the public network.

In the same time you need to ensure that RTP is able to be routed (at IP 
level) between the 2 endpoints - probably that's your issue, that the 
private IP advertised in SDP by the end point in the private network is 
not routable from the perspective of the other end point in the public 
network -> the public end point cannot send RTP to the private endpoint.


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
OpenSIPS Bootcamp 2018

On 08/03/2018 10:10 AM, Sanjeev Sharma wrote:
> Hi ALL
> as a further dig into the media issue no voice between caller and 
> callee and found that the in the request packet of invite header the 
> value of via header is coming incorrect  ( as in the below packet is 
> coming the local ip address of the machine 192.1682.248 instead of 
> my machine is behind the fortigate firewall. could you please suggest 
> how to set or change the value of via header , is this will be done at 
> firewall level or to change the any value in the opensip configuration 
> file. below is sample packet
> U 2018/08/03 16:27:25.156824 -> 149.355.453.253:5060
> INVITE sip:124007 at 149.355.453.253;transport=UDP SIP/2.0.
> Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 
> Max-Forwards: 70.
> Contact: <sip:124010 at;transport=UDP>.
> To: <sip:124007 at 149.355.453.253;transport=UDP>.
> From: <sip:124010 at 149.355.453.253;transport=UDP>;tag=29295014.
> Call-ID: 0PqYYFAWxnuGearNQ73LxQ...
> CSeq: 1 INVITE.
> Content-Type: application/sdp.
> User-Agent: Z 3.15.40006 rv2.8.20.
> Allow-Events: presence, kpml, talk.
> Content-Length: 241.
> Thanks in advance
> Sanjeev!!
> On Wednesday, 1 August, 2018, 5:41:02 PM GMT+10, Sanjeev Sharma 
> <sanjeevt510 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Bogdan-Andrei,
> Thanks for the response! it motivated me to read more stuffs related to opensips.  I followed the steps of installation  steps and type of route define inhttps://www.opensips.org/ 
> <https://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Configure-File-2-2>  
> but again i am facing problem in my first installation of stepup
> Earlier the opensip server was behind the NAT - Public address on firewall and opensip machine (Centos) having a local address (192.168.2.x) , but now the opensips  machine (version 2.2)  directly hosting public address without mapping ( Lan cable from fortigate firewall to opensips machine with any mapping or port block all ports open)
> Scenario is
> If my UAC1 (zoiper on my  laptop1) , UAC2 (zoiper on my laptop2 ) and Opensip machine are in the same network i.e ISP1 i can easily hear the voice / audio between the UAC1 and UAC2
> #) But i change the Network of  UAC1 (zoiper on my  laptop1) , UAC2 (zoiper on my laptop2 ) to connect with ISP2  and opensip machine remain on ISP1 then i am able to register and call UAC but their is no voice / audio ( RTP Media) among the user agent. ( i am 2 ISP network from different provider)
> I the last 1 week i tried all the solution what ever i am able to find online but still its does work. could you please suggest how to troubleshoot further. additionally is their any repository where i can study more about the route how to they work and how to change / Set the the value in header field of the request / response.
> guidance and direction at stage will help me move further
> Thanks in advance , i know few are my quires are wired as i just enter in the world of opensips
> Thanks
> Sanjeev Kr Sharma
> On Tuesday, 24 July, 2018, 8:11:16 PM GMT+10, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 
> <bogdan at opensips.org> wrote:
> Hi Sanjeev,
> As I understand correctly, you end up connecting into your opensips 
> devices from different networks - a devices from the private network 
> (same as opensips) and another device from the public network.
> But note that bidirectional direct communication between the 2 devices 
> is not possible, as the public device cannot send traffic to a private 
> IP/destination.
> Depending on the opensips cfg, the SIP signaling works, as OpenSIPS 
> will act as a bridge between the 2 networks. But this is not true for 
> RTP, as RTP goes directly between the 2 devices. So, what you need is 
> to use a media relay acting a bridge between the 2 networks.
> Regards,
> Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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>    http://www.opensips-solutions.com
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> On 07/24/2018 05:51 AM, Sanjeev Sharma via Users wrote:
>> Hi ,
>> i am  new to opensips world and i installed the openSIPS version 2.2 
>> , facing issue of media. Setup is my configuration is like
>> 1) UAC request come through fortigate firewall on public address 
>> (1234 at <mailto:1234 at>) and then passed to 
>> my opensip machine (centos 7 , opensip version 2.2) having local 
>> address ( natted with public address)
>> 2) registration of UAC is fine and if UAC are on same network lets 
>> say one client on my laptop and another on mobile device (both on 
>> same ISP WIFI) then voice is going through between the UAC but i 
>> switch the network of the mobile to telco service provider then their 
>> is no media pass on in between the UA or some time only one UA able 
>> to listen the other side.
>> i looked online and search lots of stuffs related to this and changed 
>> in configuration but unable to solve or find what and where i am 
>> getting. i tried TCP dump for both kinds of call i.e having voice or 
>> no voice but unable to identify the difference between calls having 
>> voice and no voice.
>> Since i am new to this setup and configuration , just stuck due to 
>> above problem .
>> Please suggest where to look and what could be the possible reason. 
>> Currently all traffic ( i.e all ports open) being allow from firewall 
>> to machine
>> Thanks
>> Sanjeev
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