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Hi Dominic,

Please see inline.


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On 08/07/2018 10:36 PM, Dominic wrote:
> Hi all, just to make sure I'm one the right track here I'd like to 
> share a few thoughts of where I'm currently going with my 
> architecture, any feedback is really appreciated specially if it can 
> help me avoid any pitfalls in the future. Here is what I'm trying to do:
> I currently have a a few asterisk servers directly facing the public 
> internet, with sip devices registering directly with a specific asterisk.
> So my first goal was to have the sip devices register directly with 
> OpenSips so I used the mid_registrar module for that, and forward the 
> registers to the right asterisk. This seems to work very well so far.
> Secondly, I setup rtp proxy, on the same box as opensips, this also 
> seems to work great so far. At this point I should be able to not have 
> the asterisk facing public internet.
Do you intend to move the * boxes to a private network ? or to keep them 
with public IP, but behind a firewall ?
> The third thing I now want to do, and this is where I am currently 
> stuck is to figure out what my options are in terms of high 
> availability of the opensips. I figured I would go with a VIP setup 
> with 2 identical opensips box. So in this type of setup i would have 
> to replicate usrloc and dialogs between the 2 opensips instances 
> right? Am I forgetting anything?
yes, you are on the right tracks - use the dialog replication (with a 
sharing tag) and usrloc full sharing mode - this will give you the HA 
you are looking for (in combination with a VIP)
> Am I on the right track with this type of setup or am I missing 
> something big here? It's also worth mentioning that I am using 
> OpenSIPS 2.4
> Any advice/links with info on similar setup/code examples are very welcome
For the HA, see
> Thanks
> Dominic
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