[OpenSIPS-Users] From a moment OpenSIPS ignores one end of the communication

Jorge Luis Ortea darham at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 3 03:26:42 EDT 2018


another detail, when this happen Opensips continues to handle calls, it only ignores packets from this thread or call and when BYE arrive, work again.

Hope someone can help me.
Very Thanks.

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Enviado: lunes, 30 de julio de 2018 10:15
Asunto: [OpenSIPS-Users] From a moment OpenSIPS ignores one end of the communication

Hi all,

Very strange case, OpenSIPS in the middle SIP transaction ignores one end of the communication.

The schema is very simple, OpenSIPS exchanges SIP traffic between another OpenSIPS (with a passthrough T38 Asterisk behind) and a SBC, during a T38 fax call.

The sniffer on the Opensips interfaces shows that the packets are arriving correctly.

In the capture can see the packets with red arrow are ignored, not even writes in log, as if this packet did not exist, it always ignores the same SIP packets, all calls are same.

Without firewall, selinux, ip or port changes ....

A curious detail, from a moment Opensips ignores packets from, however after BYE packet seems that it manages SIP packets again.

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Very Thanks.

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