[OpenSIPS-Users] add gateway a sip trunk

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 09:02:39 EDT 2018

Hello John,

You should take a look at the REGISTRANT module. This will allow your
OpenSIPS Proxy to register with the provider.
That should allow the provider to send calls to OpenSIPS.

For calls going in the other direction (OpenSIPS to provider) there could be
a problem. It depends if your provider will accept calls based solely on
their source IP address.
If your provider demands call-by-call authentication - username and password
- then OpenSIPS may not be the best choice.
FreeSwitch would be better able to deal with authentication challenges. It
could be used in conjunction with OpenSIPS, depending on overall

OpenSIPS  -->  FreeSwitch  -->  Provider

OpenSIPS has a module for authentication - UAC_AUTH - but I have never been
able to make it work because it messes up the CSeq index sequence.

The Dynamic Routing module is great for distributing calls to various
providers based on number prefix, gateway availability, pre-defined rules
etc. However, it assumes the remote gateways will accept INVITE requests
without challenging for username/password authentication. Authentication is
normally based on IP address alone for this type of connection.

John Quick
Smartvox Limited
Web: www.smartvox.co.uk

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