[OpenSIPS-Users] RTPEngine Transcode & T38

Mike O'Connor mike at oeg.com.au
Tue Apr 3 08:03:48 EDT 2018

Hi All

With the soon release of Opensips 2.4 which I understand is going to be
an LTS, I'm in the process of working though the issues of upgrading our

One of the major issues I currently have is some of the UACs will detect
the link quality dropping and will re-invite with an unsupported codec.
When I send back the invite with out the codecs the UAC drops the call.

So I would like to use the transcode feature in RTPEngine but it seems
that the notes about transcode
(https://github.com/sipwise/rtpengine#transcoding) say that T38 and 
telephone-event are not supported.

Does this simply mean that it does not do anything with them but will
path them though or does it mean it breaks T38 ?


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