[OpenSIPS-Users] Need help :: getting TM477 Error

Ravindrakumar Bhatt ravindra.bhatt at ecosmob.com
Sun Sep 24 13:18:02 EDT 2017

Hello guys,
I need help to understand why am I getting below mentioned error and it's
possible solutions ?

Here opensips is listening to both IPv4 and IPv6 socket and one to one call
between IPv4 <--> IPv6,both IPv4 and Both IPv6 users is working fine,but
when I am trying to use call forwarding I am getting this error.

Sep 13 13:18:45 host60-190-60-195 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[134236]:
Network is unreachable(101)
Sep 13 13:18:45 host60-190-60-195 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[134236]:
ERROR:tm:msg_send: send() for proto 1 failed
Sep 13 13:18:45 host60-190-60-195 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[134236]:
ERROR:tm:t_forward_nonack: sending request failed
Sep 13 13:18:45 host60-190-60-195 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[134234]: This is
handle_nat reply route: 477

Thanks and waiting for suggestions.
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