[OpenSIPS-Users] Fraud Detection Module - concurrent calls - possible bug?

Adrian Fretwell adrian.fretwell at topgreen.co.uk
Mon Sep 18 13:24:51 EDT 2017


I have been using the (modules 2-2) Fraud Detection Module for over a 
year now and everything has seemed OK, but an incorrectly set up auto 
dialler has uncovered an issue with concurrent calls...

Normally you make a call and the concurrent calls statistic increments 
for the user, once the call is cleared down the concurrent calls 
statistic decrements, so far so good.

If you make a call to a non-existent number and the gateway returns 404 
not found,  the concurrent calls statistic increments but does not 
decrement.  The same is true if you call a valid number but cancel the 
call before the callee answers.

So I can get the situation where MI command show_fraud_stats shows:

calls per minute:: 1
total calls:: 28
concurrent calls:: 24
sequential calls:: 2

But there are no active dialogs on the system.  I make the call to the 
check_fraud function during the initial invite code before t_relay to 
the gateway.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Adrian Fretwell
A² Engineering Services
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