[OpenSIPS-Users] IPv6 client with IPv4 backend

Abdul Basit basit.engg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 11:03:30 EDT 2017

Hi list,

I have production environment based on IPv4 with opensips 1.9 as sip proxy
and mediaproxy 2.0 as RTP proxy.

I need to manage old and new IPv6 ready client with same infrastructure.
Currently its not feasible to move infrastructure to IPv6 ready network.

I have gone through the link for IPv6 <--> IPv4 translation.

Using IPv6 ready client, I am able to initiate and connect call through
Opensips but there is no media for this call. Does that mean mediaproxy is
unable to proxy the RTP packets?

For IPv4 clients same infrastructure work fine.

What could be the appropriate solution for this scenario?

According to the link above...last lines....
If 1) is not possible (no IPv6 server or not desirable to use TURN), we
will need to replace all IPv6 occurrences with IPv4 in the SIP messages and
SDP. This feature is available in release 2.7.

   1. You need a STUN server which resides in an IPv4 network. Then set your
    pjsua_config to try IPv6 resolution of the STUN servers.
   2. Create UDP6 transport to get an IPv4-mapped address from the above
   STUN server.
   3. Bind account to a specific IPv6 transport, and enable IPv6 in media
   4. Set account's NAT64 option to PJSUA_NAT64_ENABLED.


What type of STUN server I can use here?


abdul basit
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