[OpenSIPS-Users] opensips stops forward requests after 3 times register failed

Gillon, Tali tali.gillon at vonage.com
Mon Oct 23 08:50:36 EDT 2017

i have the following scenario:

We have in our tests client and server and between them we have the
opensips server.
The client sends register request to opensips server and opensips server is
supposed to forward it to our server.
Our server sends the answer to opensips server and opensips server forwards
it to client back:

In the first test the client sends register and the registrar sends error
back (the sip server is a mediator between them):

client ---------register-------------------> opensips server
------------register------------> Our server

client <-----------404------------------------opensips server
<----------404-------------------- Our server

The test repeats 3 times each time with a different error code : 404, 405,

The second test is a simple test of register process:
client sends register to opensips, opensips forwards it to our server,
Our server returns 401 (asks for authentication) to opensips and opensips
is *supposed*
to forward it to the client but it never happens.

I must say that if the first test runs only twice and not  3 times it won't
happen and all the tests will pass.

Also, If I put sleep between the first test and the second test the test
passes also.

could you check it?
I attached the pcap file.

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