[OpenSIPS-Users] Mid-Registrar Capabilities

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Fri Oct 20 04:56:45 EDT 2017

Hi Nathan,

Please find some answers below.


Liviu Chircu
OpenSIPS Developer

On 20.10.2017 02:43, Nathan Baker wrote:
> In addition to the general usage scenarios
The "proxy-registrar" blog setup should cover your NAT'ing requirements, 
while also providing DB persistency. As of now, this is superior to 
mid-registrar's "mirror mode" (mode = 0), due to the added DB 
persistency support.
> 1. Would the mid-registrar module be useful for handling 
> SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY/PUBLISH messages between the remote user and the main 
> registrar?  Any examples I've found and the module documentation seem 
> to only cover registrations.
Indeed, it currently only supports registrations. But we've gotten a lot 
of feedback to support presence as well, so it's still on the cards for 
OpenSIPS 2.4. Expect some updates from us on this topic in the following 
> I get the error message:
>   ERROR:mid_registrar:mod_init: the 2.3 mid_registrar only works with 
> usrloc 'db_mode = 0'!
We did not focus on DB persistency with the initial mid_registrar 
release in 2.3, as we first wanted to make sure it can integrate well 
with the majority of SIP registrars which are out there, rather than 
doing premature optimizations.

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