[OpenSIPS-Users] permissions module / OpenSIPS 2.3.2 / register permissions

Alexey K. kurgan-rus at inbox.ru
Thu Oct 12 03:24:14 EDT 2017

Hello all.

- OpenSIPS 2.3.2
- permissions module (register permissions handling)

I'd like to deny registrations from certain IP, and I've done it successfully using register.deny file.
But now I'd like to add/remove addresses without restarting OpenSIPS each time.

The MI function 'fifo address_reload' works for 'address' table, not for register.allow/register.deny files.
(We already use some tables (for dispatcher and LB) as dbtext, works fine.)

The Problem:
So, I have 2 questions:
1. the right syntax of filling the txt table (txt structure is here TAR.GZ/opensips-2.3.2/scripts/dbtext/opensips/address and description here http://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Install-DBSchema-2-3#GEN-DB-ADDRESS)

As for now, I have this, but not sure that it's OK (added underlines for better visibility):

id(int,auto) grp(int) ip(string) mask(int) port(int) proto(string) pattern(string,null) context_info(string,null)
1_________0 ___10.145.13.5__32____ 0 ______any
2_________0 ___10.145.13.11_32____ 0 ______any

2. I can not understand where will be the decision applied - either allow or deny?! In case of using register.allow and register.deny it was quite straightforward, and it worked fine. In case of using address table - where have I to set if to allow or to deny?! There are no such fields in the table.

Best regards, Alexey
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