[OpenSIPS-Users] t_replicate to multiple destinations over TLS

Arsen arsen.semionov at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 10:00:19 EDT 2017

Hi guys,

I am trying to implement scenario when REGISTER requests are replicated to
more than one server. Documentation says that each new server have to be
added using append_branch function.

So it will look like this:


The servers must communicate via TLS. All servers form a cluster and share
one main domain (tls default domain) for end users. For intra-servers
communication I use self-signed certificates and mod tls_mgm.

Replication only to one server works fine, I select client_domain by
setting $avp(tls_cli_dom) avp right before t_replicate("reg2.domain.com");

Now the issue: what is the best way to set client_domain avp for each
particular domain in the cluster so, for example, to replicate to
reg1.domain.com opensips will use client crt for reg1, for reg2.domain.com
cert for reg2 and so on.

can I set  client_domain_avp in the branch route?

branch_route[1] {

if ($rd == "reg1.domain.com")
        $avp(tls_cli_dom) = "reg1";
    else if ($rd == "reg2.domain.com")
        $avp(tls_cli_dom) = "reg2";


Arsen Semionov
cell: +442035198881
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