[OpenSIPS-Users] Fwd: opensips usrloc deregistration failure

Stefan Tobé stefan.tobe at pmfactory.nl
Mon Oct 9 04:57:51 EDT 2017

Hi there,
I noticed that opensips  2.2.5-1 intermittently does NOT flush the contact
when the client is deregistering.
It is reproducable with multple sip clients. opensips 2.3 also suffers from
this issue.

When I check the mysql database backend I can see that the entry is table
opensips.location is not consistently deleted.
It works for several times and the subsequently it does not flush the
contact showing two bindings the next time the client is registered.

I can unfortunately not monitor the sql queries because opensips is using
tls for secure transmission.
I use mysql as backend and the config is attached as well as the local
wireshark trace I took

Stefan Tobé

PM Factory B.V.
Bolderweg 2
1332 AT Almere
tel: 06 21 26 59 68
email: stefan.tobe at pmfactory.nl <stefan.tobe at privatemobility.nl>
PGP public key: click here to download

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