[OpenSIPS-Users] Hello! We need help with installation OpenSipS Control Panel

Technical Department VACOTEL LP noc at vacotel.net
Thu Oct 5 10:57:26 EDT 2017


We nearly installed OpenSIPS 2.3 on our server. After we installed 
OpenSIPS Control Panel 7.2.3.

But now we have problem:

when we try to login <?=$login_page_title?> we have error '.$session_err.'

We not find info how to resolve this problem. Can someone help us?

*Kind regards,*
*Technical Department*

*United Kingdom, Edinburgh,*
*4 Queen Street, Suite 1*
Tel: *+380 444956275 *
Site: *http://vacotel.net*
email: *noc [at] vacotel.net* <mailto:noc at vacotel.net>
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