[OpenSIPS-Users] Question about run exec from route script periodically.

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Hello Bogdan-Andrei,

Thank you for reply. It seems like that’s what I need.




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Hello Dmitry,

Maybe the timer_route[] will help with this ?


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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On 11/23/2017 01:10 PM, Dmitry wrote:

Hello All,

I don’t found the info in google, so I’ll try to ask here.


I have some custom SIP client for iIOS with logic wake up via push notification and most of the time it working in a background. The client send REGISTER in first time and go to the background. Now I have a special _useragent_ for next steps for detect it as my app. When a caller try to call to special client, opensips detect _useragent_ and run php script for send push notification (before send INVITE forth) to iOS server and will wait 2 sec in async mode. In this time, iOS client (callee) receive push, “wake up” and send REGISTER to opensips. So, registration completed, we run LOOKUP route with search updated “Contact” data for callee.

==opensips router snippet ==

async(exec("/etc/opensips/ios/wakeup.php '$var(ua)' '$var(key)'", "$var(out)", "$var(err)"), LOOKUP);


My question is:

How can I run an external script (via exec/etc app inside the routing script) _periodically_ for keep alive _useragent_ record in location table? Something like a cron inside opensips maybe. I’ll glad to any ideas.

PS. For keep alive “normal” users I use nathelper directives:









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