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Hi Bogdan,


I use opensips in an scenario where OPENSIPS is addressed from the main SIPSERVER using Route header. OPENSIPS performs different modifications on the INVITE request and gives the INVITE back to the main SIPSERVER. This works fine with the loose_route() so far.


Now I want to use the call_center module for RURI agent addressing, queues, etc while still preserving the Route header based next hop routing between main SIPSERVER and OPENSIPS.

Would manually parsing the Route Header at OPENSIPS, deleting first route header, saving the hostport value of the second Route header to some variable and provide it as a kind of $du to the call_center module for the next hop routing back to SIPSERVER work? 

For my scenario to work the Route header with the second Route header value has not to be deleted or modified by the call_center module.


Here is the table showing the pseudo values of the RURI and the Route Header at the ingress of SIPSERVER and OPENSIPS respectively.  


             SIPSERVER         ->               OPENSIPS         ->         SIPSERVER    ->      AGENT

RURI:    0800CallCenter                 0800CallCenter            agent                   agent

Route:                                                                 opensips, sipserver     sipserver


Does this make it a bit more clearer?






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The routing in Call Center module is not compatible with the loose_route().

The loose_route is a mechanism used by a SIP proxy staying in the middle of a SIP session.

On the other hand, the Call Center is using a SIP Back-2-Back engine in order to implement the queuing.

Better try to explain what are you trying to achieve here.


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On 11/20/2017 04:46 PM, xaled wrote:



I want to use opensips with call_center module in a loose route scenario where the INVITE has to be routed by opensips to the next hop (sipserver) based on what is left from Route header after loose_route() is performed. The call_center module has to update the RURI with agent location and let the next hop from the route header perform the actual routing to the agent.


Here are the expected route and RURI header values at the opensips, sipserver and agent:


                opensips                             sipserver             agent

RURI:    0800CallCenter                 agent                    agent

Route:  opensips, sipserver        sipserver


Will something like this work as described above:







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