[OpenSIPS-Users] replace-origin flag error

Edwin eahaselhoff at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 08:54:42 EST 2017

Hi Răzvan,

It happens in my case when I call to mobile en reject the message, a 486
Busy Here is sent, debug doesn't tell that much:

+++++  Reply route route_to_gateway  +++++  INVITE 486 Busy here
Busy here <sip:123456789 at>
DBG:core:parse_headers: flags=2000
DBG:core:parse_headers: flags=ffffffffffffffff
DBG:core:parse_sdp: message body has length zero
DBG:core:parse_headers: flags=40
ERROR:rtpengine:parse_flags: error processing flag `replace-origin': cannot
add to bson item
Nov  8 14:44:40 back-1-staging opensips[19089]: ...
DBG:tm:t_should_relay_response: T_code=180, new_code=486
DBG:tm:t_pick_branch: picked branch 0, code 486 (prio=686)
DBG:core:parse_headers: flags=ffffffffffffffff

I just call a 'rtpengine_manage("replace-origin ICE=remove")' in the reply
route, but maybe I have to only do this for Invite, ack etc?



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