[OpenSIPS-Users] b2bua To header format

Edwin eahaselhoff at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 05:29:42 EST 2017

Hi Răzvan,

After the change to b2bua we present the To header like this:"To:
sip:+31123456789 at domain.com;user=phone

After migration we still have problems with certain sip clients. In some
cases a software update did the trick. I will make a github feature request
to add the <> symbols anyway, even if it is following RFC.

In case of adding the ;user=phone, i'm in doubt if you don't have to enclose
the URI because of the semicolon. See RFC 3261:

" The Contact, From, and To header fields contain a URI.  If the URI
contains a comma, question mark or semicolon, the URI MUST be enclosed in
angle brackets (< and >).  Any URI parameters are contained within these
brackets.  If the URI is not enclosed in angle brackets, any
semicolon-delimited parameters are header-parameters,  not URI parameters. 

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