[OpenSIPS-Users] Sending HEP Packets

Social Boh social at bohboh.info
Fri Nov 3 15:28:02 EDT 2017


I think I don't completely understood the logic behind proto_hep and 
siptrace modules on OpenSIPs 2.3

I'd like send SIP traffic from OpenSIPs to a external Homer SIP Capture 
Server (with Kamailio) so I know I have to configure proto_hep and 
siptrace modules.

I think the logic is: Send SIP traffic from siptrace to hep listener:

modparam("siptrace", "trace_id", "[tid]uri=sip:")


then from the proto_hep module send the HEP packets to Node Capture:

modparam("proto_hep", "hep_id", "[homer]; version=2")

This configuration not works.

This document not helping me very much:


Any hint, please?

Thank you

I'm SoCIaL, MayBe

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