[OpenSIPS-Users] Cancel ACK routing

Rik Broers RBroers at motto.nl
Fri May 12 08:12:07 EDT 2017

Pulled latest 2.3.0 changes, still the same crash :)

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Rik Broers
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Onderwerp: [OpenSIPS-Users] Cancel ACK routing

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I'm building a proxy between two public endpoints, so no nat involved luckily.
I've got everything to work except for the CANCEL. It breaks the same if I start the call from the other endpoint.
Attached a visual of the traffic flow. Not attached, at link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m45wwjlt4cmhy7k/Captuasdre.JPG?dl=0

Now I would like to fix the final 487 ACK bouncing, and it seems to me that opensips should just accept the ACK from the 487 and end the transaction.
The script is based on the standard one after install with some routing logic. So the ACK is handled in the sequential path with this comment:
# non loose-route, but stateful ACK; must be an ACK after
# a 487 or e.g. 404 from upstream server

I also tried to fix/workaround it with the topology_hiding module, but as soon as the ACK (packet 12 in the diagram) is sent back opensips crashes with
CRITICAL:core:free_lump: called on a not free-able lump:0x7f9ba2cc9d68 flags=2
and no 487 is being sent to the left endpoint.

version: opensips 2.3.0-beta (x86_64/linux)
git revision: 2f688b5

Crash dump with dbg on for the topo hiding scenario available on request, rather not share it on the list :)
Did I hit an opensips bug or am I missing something?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Rik Broers
Voice Engineer

rbroers at motto.nl<mailto:rbroers at motto.nl>

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