[OpenSIPS-Users] Using Contact replication and HA

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Tue May 9 09:44:50 EDT 2017

Hi John,

So, in your setup, on the backup server, OpenSIPS is not listening on 
the VIP address at all, right ?

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Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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OpenSIPS Summit May 2017 Amsterdam

On 05/03/2017 04:46 PM, John Quick wrote:
> Hello,
> I am still working my way through some of the new features described at last
> year's Summit conference while you are all hopefully enjoying this year's
> Summit.
> I'm playing with the Clusterer module. It is a great idea but I am finding a
> few practical difficulties for contact replication in the USRLOC module.
> In my test rig, there are two almost identical OpenSIPS servers (A and B).
> Contact replication is enabled between the two servers and each server has
> its own local database.
> Linux HA - Corosync and Pacemaker - is used to control a Virtual IP (VIP)
> address resource. This allows UA's to register at the VIP address. HA
> decides which server has the virtual address at any given time, based on
> node availability. Currently, Server A is assigned the VIP and processes all
> UA registrations.
> Problem: The "socket" field in the location table contains the VIP address
> on both server A and B, but only Server A is bound to that address while
> both servers are up.
> Unless I completely disable NAT Pings in the nathelper module, Server B
> reports a lot of errors like this:
> 2017-05-03 14:15:51 CRITICAL:core:proto_udp_send: invalid
> sendtoparameters#012one possible reason is the server is bound to localhost
> and#012attempts to send to the net
> 2017-05-03 14:15:51 ERROR:nathelper:msg_send: send() for proto 1 failed
> 2017-05-03 14:15:51 ERROR:nathelper:nh_timer: sip msg_send failed!
> Worse, if I also enable the "remove_on_timeout_bflag" option on Server B, it
> removes the registration on *both* servers after a short delay even though
> the UA is still available!
> Initially, I encountered problems with the HA IP Resource (or VIP) with
> respect to OpenSIPS not starting on server B because it was trying to bind
> to an address that was not currently assigned to any local interface. While
> it is possible to group the IP resource with the OpenSIPS service resource
> to overcome this problem, that would completely break USRLOC contact
> replication because the OpenSIPS service on Server B would not be running as
> long as Server A is up. I had to resort to an option in sysctl.conf that
> allows processes to start even if they are trying to bind to a non-local
> address.
> This makes me wonder what is the purpose of Usrloc Contact replication? Is
> there some other scenario that could use it and not have these problems?
> I also wonder what difference does the db_mode setting in Usrloc make when
> using contact replication.
> John Quick
> Smartvox Limited
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