[OpenSIPS-Users] new CDRTool release 9.5.0

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Tue Mar 28 08:58:24 EDT 2017


The software includes bug fixes, better SIP tracing and compatibility with latest PHP version(s) >= 5.4.

Debian packages are available for Debian Jessie, Wheezy and Unstable.

The software can be downloaded from:



cdrtool (9.5.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Added mysqli database backend
  * Reworked Debian packaging
  * Switched to Net/URL2
  * Update PEAR to use new syntax (prevents warnings)
  * Fixed most PHP warning messages
  * Cleaned code
  * Formatted code
  * Added systemd service

  [ Web Interface ]

  * Fixed search in logging screen
  * Fixed updating subscriber ACLs
  * Updated trace links in sip settings to use a new window for each trace
  * Updated title in sip settings page
  * Updated DNS error messages
  * Added SQL debug printer
  * Updated SIP Trace to look better


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