[OpenSIPS-Users] received param is not added to the Via header in cases when host IP in Via1 header is a substring of src_ip

Kuzmenok, Vladimir Vladimir.Kuzmenok at ipc.com
Wed Mar 15 13:51:11 EDT 2017

Hello All,

We have an issue with the opensips 1.11.5-tls. Received header is not added to the Via header even when src IP and IP in the Via1 header are different.

Here is an example

Src IP is
IP in Via is

Looking into the code of opensips<https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/tree/f36a8a1735f273ac2cee1b0c7b97b7381612903c>/msg_translator.c I can see that check_ip_address function  from opensips<https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/tree/f36a8a1735f273ac2cee1b0c7b97b7381612903c>/resolve.c is used. It looks like there is a bug in the function, which returns 0 for the cases like above, because comparison is done only up to the Via host length and length of IP is not taken into consideration

int check_ip_address(struct ip_addr* ip, str *name,
                                                                unsigned short port, unsigned short proto, int resolver)
                struct hostent* he;
                int i, len;
                char* s;

                /* maybe we are lucky and name it's an ip */
                if (s){
                                LM_DBG("params %s, %.*s, %d\n", s, name->len, name->s, resolver);

                                /* check if name->s is an ipv6 address or an ipv6 address ref. */
                                if ((ip->af==AF_INET6) &&
                                                                (              ((len==name->len)&&(strncasecmp(name->s, s, name->len)==0))
                                                                                                (strncasecmp(name->s+1, s, len)==0))
                                                return 0;

                                                if (strncmp(name->s, s, name->len)==0)
                                                                return 0;
                                LM_CRIT("could not convert ip address\n");
                                return -1;


The easies fix would be just add (len == name->len) as a first condition with &&  conjunction to the highlighted if statement .

Could you please check and issue a patch for this?


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