[OpenSIPS-Users] rest_client behavior change in module version 2.2.3?

Andreas Sikkema h323 at ramdyne.nl
Tue Mar 7 06:30:18 EST 2017


I am using the rest_client to retrieve some information about an 
incoming call using the following:

"$var(name)", "$var(ct)", "$var(rcode)")) {
	xlog("Error code $var(rcode) in HTTP GET!\n");
else {
	xlog("Received $var(name) using REST for A number $fU and B number $rU\n");
	# magic

In rest_client module versions 2.2.2 (?) and before this worked like a 
charm. When the web server returned a 404 or another error, the script 
would log the error and go on. When rest_get() received a 200 OK, magic 
would happen.

Since we upgraded to rest_client module version 2.2.3 this morning this 
behavior changed. When the server returns a 404, rest_get doesn't error 
out, but goes on as before, and my script now tries to do magic on a 404 
message's HTML body. Which is not what I want...

Did I use the rest_get() return values incorrectly, or is it a bug?

Andreas Sikkema

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