[OpenSIPS-Users] crashing in 2.2.2

Richard Robson rrobson at greenlightcrm.com
Fri Mar 3 06:28:21 EST 2017

I've revisited the gateway failover mechanism I had developed in order 
to re route calls to the next gateway on 500's due to capacity on the 
gateways we are using.

we have 3 gateways from one carrier and one from another. The 3 have 4 
cps and will return a 503 or 500 if we breach this. The single gateway 
from the other carrier has plenty of capacity and should not be a 
problem so we want to catch this . and route to the next gateway.

We are counting the CPS and channel limits and are routing to the next 
gateway if we exceed the limit set, but There are still occasions where 
a 5XX is generated, which results in a rejected call.

We want to stop these rejected calls and therefore want to implement the 
failover mechanism for the 5XX responses. For 6 months we have been 
failing over if we think the counts are to high on any one gateway 
without a problem. But when I implement a failover on a 5XX response 
opensips starts crashing.

It's difficult to generate artificial traffic to mimic the real traffic, 
but I've not had a problem with the script in testing. Last night I 
rolled out the new script but by 09:15 this morning opensips started 
crashing 10 times in 5 minutes. This was as the traffic ramped up. I 
rolled back the script and it restarted OK and has not crashed since. 
Therefore the Failover Mechanism in the script is where the crash is 

Core dump: http://pastebin.com/CqnESCm4

I'll add more dumps later



this is the failure route catching the 5XX

failure_route[dr_fo] {
         xlog (" [dr]  Recieved reply to method $rm From: $fd, $fn, $ft, 
$fu, $fU, $si, $sp, To: $ru");
         if (t_was_cancelled()) {
                 xlog("[dr]call cancelled by internal caller");
                 do_accounting("db", "cdr|missed");

         if ( t_check_status("[54]03")) {
         if ( t_check_status("500")) {

         do_accounting("db", "cdr|missed");

This is the route taken on the failure


         if (use_next_gw()) {
                 xlog("[relay_failover-route] Selected Gateway is $rd");

                 ####### check channel limit ######
                 xlog("[relay_failover-route] Selected Gateway is $rd 
var(size) = $var(size)");
                 xlog("[relay_failover-route] Selected Gateway is $rd 
avp(trunkcalllimit) = $avp(trunkchannellimit)");
                 xlog("[relay_failover-route] Selected Gateway is $rd  
result = ( $var(size) > $avp(trunkchannellimit))");
                 if ( $(var(size){s.int}) > 
$(avp(trunkchannellimit){s.int})) {
                         xlog("[relay_failover-route] Trunk $rd exceeded 
$avp(trunkchannellimit) concurrent calls $var(size)");
         } else {
                send_reply("503", "Gateways Exhusted");

         ##### We need to check Rate Limiting #######
         if (!rl_check("$rd", "$(avp(trunkratelimit){s.int})", 
"TAILDROP")) { # Check Rate limit $avp needs changing
                 rl_dec_count("$rd"); # decrement the counter since 
we've not "used" one
                 xlog("[ratelimiter-route] [Max CPS: 
$(avp(trunkratelimit){s.int}) Current CPS: $rl_count($rd)] Call to: $rU 
from: $fU CPS exceeded, delaying");
                 xlog ("Should not get here!!!! after async requst");
         } else {
                 xlog ("[relay_outbound-route] [Max CPS: 
$avp(trunkratelimit) Current CPS: $rl_count($rd)] Call to: $rU from: $fU 
not ratelimited");

         do_accounting("db", "cdr|missed");
         if (!t_relay()) {
                         xlog("[relay-route] ERROR: Unable to relay");
                         send_reply("500","Internal Error");

Richard Robson
Greenlight Support
01382 843843
support at greenlightcrm.com

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