[OpenSIPS-Users] SIP URI User Parameters

Ben Newlin Ben.Newlin at genesys.com
Wed Jun 28 16:41:26 EDT 2017


We have run into an issue with OpenSIPs’ handling of user parameters in SIP URIs with Dynamic Routing module. When a parameter is added to a SIP URI user part, any subsequent modification of the URI by DR module results in the parameter being moved to be a URI parameter.

For example, starting with $ru of “sip:+15555551212 at gw1.com”, if we modify it this way:

$rU = $rU + “;npdi”;

then we get a new $ru of “sip:+15555551212;npdi at gw1.com”.

We send this call out and if it returns an error we want to use the next available gateway.

The Request URI in the failure route is still “sip:+15555551212;npdi at gw1.com”.

Note: this is the case even when the “;npdi” parameter was added in a branch route, which I didn’t expect. I thought changes made in a branch route were isolated to that branch.

Now from the failure route when we call use_next_gw the npdi parameter is moved and the URI is now “sip:+15555551212 at gw2.com;npdi”. This is not correct.

Is there some other way to properly manipulate SIP URI user parameters or is this a bug?


Ben Newlin
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