[OpenSIPS-Users] Fraud_detection sequential call by profilid

guillaume Montassier gmontassier at openip.fr
Wed Jun 21 09:04:05 EDT 2017


I want to use fraud detection to check sequential_call by profile id.

In my configuration, each client is equal to a profileid. So I want to 
check how many sequential call this client do.
I check fraud_detection.c (opensips 2.2) and I saw 
"/last_called_prefix.len == matched_len && memcmp(last_called_prefix.s, 
number.s, matched_len)/".
So it seems not possible to do it natively... Is it possible to modify 
simply fraud_detection to compare not the/last_called_prefix/ but 
something like /last_called_prefix_of_this_profileid/

Thanks a lot,

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